Sunday, October 25, 2009

Championships Update

I know, it's nearly been a month since the region 2 championships in Wayne, IL but here is a little sneak into my championship experience. All in all I think that it was a wonderful show. Other then the cold and the rain and all the walking... It was amazing. Both of my boys did well. They handled the 8 hour drive to get there without a problem. My first mistake (though it wasn't all my fault) was getting there too late to have a warm up ride on Wednesday. As it turns out, Lamplight Equestrian Center does not have any lit arenas to allow for evening/night riding. My plan was to leave by 6 am, BUT I got an interview with NavAir at 8 am, which pushed my planned arrival time back about four hours. I got to the show grounds about an hour before my mom and sister showed up, so I got some stalls bedded, my boys unloaded and checked in before seeing Courtney and the Buckmeister. And Mr Scott, of course. Anyway, other then a few rider errors (some severe)I felt that my rides all went pretty well. On my third level open show ride, I totally forgot the test I was riding, and since I was without a reader, just continued on as best as I could. I knew I was off course by about the second move, but the judge did not ring the bell, so I just continued on. What I did was track right instead of left in the second move of the test, so my whole trot work was backwards. The judge rang the bell right before the second extended trot and just had me come down the centerline after the half pass word and track the other way. So pretty much the judges only saw the trot work to one direction. I don't know if they were as confused as I was... But my score was not so hot. Oh well, you live and you learn. My other sub par test was a first level open show test with RC. Mr. RC was a tad opinionated in that test (read: bucky). It was one of the most frustrating tests I have ever ridden, but the judges comments were pretty funny after the fact.
"Capable pair. Try to not let horse be so vocal in his opinions"
In hindsight, I probably would have done better in region 4, but it was worth it the spend a few days with Courtney (even if my ribbons aren't as pretty). There will always be another championships....
Anyway.Enjoy the video. It was fun to make, and I feel that it kind of captures the championships experience.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hell Week

Hi all,
So this week is kind of hellish. Midterm presentations, group meetings, etc.
I promise that I'll do a write up about the championships eventually... it's just been so busy for me! Wish me luck on this week....