Monday, September 28, 2009

Starting out on the right lead...

All i can say is that I hope that the rest of the week is as good as Sunday. I tagged along with Terri and Anna to a Mid-Rivers Saddle Club open show. It was supposed to be last week, but it got rained out otherwise I wouldn't have gone to a show so close to the championships.
That being said, I'm glad I did. It was alot of fun, and I did pretty well, if I may say so myself. RC was a trooper, slogging through 8 classes through the day. I entered Novice walk trot (english), adult walk trot, adult english pleasure, novice english equitation, adult english equitation, novice horsemanship, adult horsemanship and adult trail. By adult trail, RC was pretty worn out. He had decided that this was not the kind of shows he likes. Evidently he prefers the shows where he goes back to the stall and eats for a few hours between classes. At the end of the show we had three championship ribbons and one reserve. RC does like big ribbons (a la AT style). I wish I had a picture. RC and I were nearly too sequined to look at. It was great.
Next month they have a costume class (and I'm so doing it)... so ideas anyone?

Now on to the championships. The ride times are up, and I have less then three days... The count down has begun.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Things that piss me off...

All right, I finally have some spare time for an update.
So, where to start? Oh yes... Topic today: Things That Piss Me Off
So where to start. Oh yes. Why I couldn't go riding today. Evidently there was some silly fraternity/sorority thing-y going on. Which would all be well and good, I mean no harm no foul, right? Well, major harm, major foul. I have less then a week before i have to go to the championships, and I couldn't go out riding today because some douchebag frat boys don't know how to part their little toy cars without scratching the hell out of Larry. It put me in a rather foul mood. I NEEDED to ride today... Damn.
Number two: Comments from non-dressage people. Yep. It only took two months to get to me again. And I thought I had thick skin... I guess it's gonna take some more practice. I wish that I could give everyone who tells me how "lucky I am to have a horse who 'just does that stuff'" an hour long lesson on either of my boys. Feel the burn, people, feel the burn. Neither London, nor RC for that matter, are born doing "that stuff". It takes hours of pain, tears and misery to get eight minutes of show able work! While I appreciate that people think that London is "pretty", I doubt that anyone realizes how much work went into making him that pretty.
Number three: A $300 offer for RC. Yeah. Right. His accessories cost more then that. I'm just insulted.

Alright... I'm done with my bitching and moaning... Have a good week.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Horses and Homework...

I know! I know! Long time no post.... I'm back at school now and have my first project presentation due tomorrow. Back to the real world for me, I guess.
Anyway, I went to the Centerline Dressage Show in Springfield, IL two weeks ago. While it was not RC's best show, it was London's/ We qualified at 2nd level in tow rides, and got our final third level qualifying score with a 65%. MMy show boy is back!
Well, I have to get back to practicing this presentation...wish me luck!