Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Day Off

So, I know it's been a while. There have been a few changes, but nothing drastic, to be sure. For one thing, I got a job! Now, before you get all excited, let it be known that it is not a full time engineering job so that search continues, but it is better than nothing and it gets me out of the house and around more people and all that jazz.
My job... I am volunteering at the Waller Equine Hospital as long as they need me, which has been about 5 days a week so far. I've been there for three weeks now and I can honestly say that I have seen something new every day that I go to work. The only real drawback is that on days that I go out to take care of the horses in the morning I have to be out at the barn by 5:30 AM. I am not really a fan on that aspect of things, but it is really calming to see all those hungry faces in the morning and do a little work with my own ponies before seeing all the sick or hurt horses.

I also have a not-so-small training project. His name is Wyatt, but I've called him Ike (Wyatt really didn't fit). He's a not-so-young green horse with a history of bucking in the canter. I've had him out at Pattison for a week or so now working with him to see if I can get him w-t-c broke in 30 days (hah). As it turns out, he also needs some lessons in basic ground manners as he has pretty much no respect for personal space... He also tends to panic a little when tied in the barn with no other horses. He might be quite the project, but he's progressed (a little) in a week... so I'll keep you posted on our progress.
Now for my own horses... Delight is recovering from a puncture wound in her shoulder. We brought her to the vet because there was an increased discharge (ew) and she was still limping on it nearly a week later. As it turns out, the stick or whatever she impaled herself with went all the way to the bone, killing a piece of it. I forget what it is called, but until the dead piece of bone flakes off and falls out the wound or it has to be removed surgically as the body will treat it as a foreign body and try to force it out. Can you imagine how annoying a splinter would be in your shoulder? Anyway, she has a vet appointment on Friday to remove the chip unless it's already fallen out (which it may have already done since she's running, bucking and rearing when turned out).
RC and London are doing well. They had their teeth floated on Monday, but other then that they are fat and happy. RC is even learning a new trick! Isn't he adorable?