Thursday, November 19, 2009

A little tharapy

As any college student will tell you there are three "crunch times". First: at mid terms. Second: right before thanksgiving. And last: right before finals. Guess where I am right now? In crunch time numero deux.
I'm in the final stages of three projects, had one test, and two presentations this week. Yikes.
So amid all of this and juggling the group meetings, I had a choice. I could either a) take a nap and catch up on sleep or b) go for a ride, and spend four hours thinking about horses. Guess what I went with? Yep. B.
And yet again, I have reaffirmed how important horses are to me. Yes, I could have blissfully fallen into a four hour nap (or coma). But after riding I felt relieved and revitalized. Even if RC was a little buck-master.
So, Happy holidays everyone! I hope your holidays are filled with food, family and fun!