Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another Leap

You know that time in your life where your standing on a very tall ledge or bridge and wonder who would ever jump, yet secretly think that it would be really fun for those few seconds of weightlessness?

 I may have jumped.
No, don't worry. I would never actually jump off of anything. This is all figuratively speaking... 

So, it all started as a 'relaxing' vacation to go see my sister. Yes, in PA. So, of course my relaxing vacation was a 990 mile drive. With a trailer. 
Why yes. That is a poodle stack in my lap.

Why a trailer, you ask... Well, let my explain my reasoning here (and to be sure this is the type of logis that only a horse person will understand). 

First off, RC is leaving in two weeks to begin his life an an AA dressage horse, teaching my mom the joys and pitfalls of showing dressage on the most awesome WonderPony available. He doesn't need to be pushed further than his mental or physical capabilities by me or spend the rest of his life as my lesson horse, so this is the best thing for him. Also, there are few people out there who would really love him, quirks and all, and my mom is one of them...
So, I'll be down to two Ponitas. 

I was wondering what I'll do with all of my new free time when I saw an ad for a giveaway horse.... 

"Sienna" was too small to race. 3 year old TB mare.
 And not too too far from Courtney. (OK, it was pretty far)

So, on friday I drove down with a co-pilot to PA, and on saturday Courtney, co-pilot and I all drove to MD, picked up a green three year old  who had never been off the farm (loading was an experience) and trucked on back to PA. 

"Uh, so where am I?"

Normal Operating Speed
 "Sienna" spend Sunday in PA so that I could have a day with Courtney and her ponies. I got to ride the Bucasta and Kiwi (who didn't try to kill me). Since it was a long weekend, I loaded up and headed home on Monday morning... Up at 5am and in my bed in the UP at 3am.
Yeah. Awesome.

That nose looks an awful lot like RC's
Of course, it took up over an hour, liberal application of grain and a smart crack with the lunge whip to get Ponita on the trailer.... That didn't help the time table at all.
 The plus side is that once on the trailer, she rode like a champ.

When we pulled in with a very tired pony and an extreemly cranky driver (me), RC welcomed "Sienna"... who has now been renamed 'Appletini' - Thanks Courtney - into the barn where she ate, drank and we could all pass out.
Tini meets the Welcoming Committee
 This morning took a bit more creativity. I mean with three pastures and six horses, I had some rearranging to do. RC and Tillner got the top field, the boarder horses got the big field and Tini and Delight got the 'dry lot' since Deli is fat and I don't know that the Tini has ever been on pasture before.
She sure was happy that she didnt have to get back on that trailer....
Delight gives Tini the tour of the place

In sync Ditch Cantering