Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Season

Well, it's August, which means that summer is nearly over... right? Oh I hope so. It's been miserably hot for two months now. I cant go outside without sweat pouring off of me (pleasant, right? And they say that dressage riders are prissy), let alone work a horse or three.
But I'm not writing this to complain today. Nope. I am writing because this might be my best week on record.
1) I leased London to a young rider at a hunter barn. Now not only is someone else riding him at the level he prefers (long and low), I'm getting paid for it! Win-win! It's admittedly a little nerve wracking to send my Dutch boy away, but it's only two miles so I can stop by and see him as often as I like, and he seems blissful with the easier work.
2) I sold Larry, my trusty truck. I had just rolled over 240K miles, and the repairs were getting too frequent for my piece of mind. I even have the next vehicle lined up (crossing fingers that nothing falls through). I love it when everything works out.
3) I got a raise this week. Well, not an official raise, but I got a benefits package. Yippie! Money! Who wouldn't celebrate about that? Seriously?
And to top things off, I have a clinic today with MD in Katy. Yay... I hope. I'm not sure what the plan is, but I'll be working the Prima-donna pony and RC this weekend. Both have made progress this summer (whew). I can even keep the prima-donna pony in the arena (mostly) in the canter. Yay.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trying Something New

So... Today I have tried something new. Kind of. I was supposed to have my first hunter/jumper lesson, and I brought London to try it out with. I figured the this place is less then ten miles from my barn, why not try it out ant see if London would be able to hop over a few ground poles.
As it woul dhappen, my lesson turned in to everyone oohing and ahhing over London ( finally! Someone else loves my horse!). We did a few jumps, nothing high, but london LOVED it. Then the trainer uttered those agical words "Can he go long and low?"

Can he go long and low..... He lives to go long and low!

Well, the long and short of it all. In two days, I'll be bringing London back.... for a potential lease. This is certainly something new...

Trying Something New.