Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making the Move

Yesterday I brought my two to the boarding barn for the winter months. I'm divided about how I feel about the move. On one hand, there were people. I mean, I could actually interact with people around horses. How cool is that going to be? On the other hand, I can no longer go outside and pet a fuzzy pony nose, or listen to RC chew while drinking coffee.... When I woke up this morning with no horses to feed, no hay to bring out, nothing to do but walk the poodles, I'll admit, I felt a little sad. Delight will no longer come running to the fence when she hears the truck come up the drive after work. RC will no longer wait to be let out in the front yard to graze. sigh, I guess I can't have it all.

An Empty Barn

In other, bad, news, RC's been off for a week after getting his feet done. He's very very tender, and yesterday I noticed that his feet were hot to the touch and he's got a ridge at the top of his hoof wall. My first thought was founder. I'm still hoping I'm wrong about that, especially since he hasn't been eating feed, the hay is quality, but not timothy or alfalfa. The grass is fall grass, and mostly dried. I'm crossing my fingers that it's inflammation from a bad farrier job.

I've been spoiled by Jake and Jessie all these years with no shoeing issues.

Unfortunately after that unsettling discovery yesterday, I got a call this morning. RC got out of his stall last night, and -you guessed it- into the feed room. Now I have to worry about what he consumed in alfalfa pellets on top of his existing foot issue. How did that horse break out of his stall? He's the only nut in a box of screws... Day 1 at the new barn did not go well at all.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seasons are changing...

First of all, long time, no update. Sorry about that.

And moving on... The ponies and I have had our first taste of this "fall" business. Or should I say Autumn? Autumn sounds colder. I'll go with that. It's been 40 degrees and rainy for a week and a half here. Brr... The ponies are in their makeshift stalls (don't worry, before and after barn project pictures will come, but not til I have the "after" pictures too), blanketed and chowing down like they've never seen food before. They are also portly and losing muscle form lack of exercise.
I tried (honest I did) to work them last weekend, but there were 30 mph gusts and 40 degrees. Deli was working well until she was hit by a gust of wind. Then she went to a crouch and brace. Let me tell you that the canter to crouch is not a fun transition... Oh, and it seems that RC has taken to playing roughly, as evident by a bite out of Deli's nce pink blanket (pretty sure she didnt do it). So now Deli is in one of the spares-probably used to be Opie's because it smells strongly of mare pee (gross). Deli is not so happy...

But the Poodles are loving the weather. Well, Bacon is loving the crisp mornings; he gets to frolic while wearing a coat. Tempi prefers the afternoons when it's a little drier outside.

Oh, and I've been seeing all kinds of deer on my morning walks wth the poodles. Tis morning I thought to bring my camera, and caught this less than stellar shot. The poodles just stand quietly hoping that the deer will go away....

Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm Home!

So, I've been in Seattle all week for work. And it was weird not having to feed ponies, or walk dogs. Nor having to share a pillow with some pushy poodles...

I got in at midnight on friday, and I think it would be hard to decide who was more excited to see me more, Delight or Bacon (tempi gave me a look over her shoulder then went back to sleep). Deli spent all of saturday watching me, following me when she could. And when I curried her, she went from fuzzy brown pony to sleek black velvet pony. Poor girl just wated to be clean. RC seems to have no such scruples, as he's just as happy dirty as clean.

Delight's Hoping...

So, long story short, but I don't have any interresting things to add. I just took some photos of the fall. Upside, it was fun. Downside, I seem to have missed the best of the color. Sigh...
Fall Biking

RC's Here!

Shadow Life

Fall Colors