Thursday, December 6, 2012

In the Horse world...

You do not choose your day off... your day off chooses you!

After recently receiving the advice that I need to take a day off now and then from the barn (pshaw, I said)... I took a day off from the barn. It was not refreshing, rejuvenating or anything with a positive connotation.

Actually, I took a day off from life as a whole.
Ask not what this flu can do for you...
But what you can do for this flu!
It was terrible. I caught the flu, bad enough that I stayed away from the barn (and work) on Monday. I went through two whole seasons of Psych (but I think I actually watched less than half an episode). I slept on my chaise and moaned to my poodles.

Tempi was less than sympathetic. I woke up four episodes later, to the theme of Psych playing over and over and over and over on the menu screen (I know, You know, i'm not telling the truth....), with no fewer than six tennis balls pushed under and around my sleeping self.

How did she even find six tennis balls?

Tuesday I went to work, but gave the horses yet another day off.
Wednesday I manned up, so to speak, and went out for a ride. Then I wimped out and took RC out first... because he's the least complicated ride out there.
Oh come on. Like you've never wished for an easy ride...
The I rode Delight, who was surprisingly good. And again today, Delight shocked me with how wonderful she was. Maybe half a week off was just what she needed?

Know what I need?
More tea....

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  1. Im always surprised when my difficult guy is great after some time off...its a nice surprise! Hope you are feeling better.