Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where it all began

So, I've been back in Houston since Sunday morning. And it is even more humid thenI remember. Ew.
Deli and RC are living out at Pattison with London, Opie, and Sonnet. The introduction did not go smoothly. Go figure, that right when I want to introduce new horses to the herd all three mares are in heat. What are the odds? On the plus side, it'll only be another few days before Opie quites being so bitchy to the new comers.
So for now Deli and Sonnet are in the little pasture while RC, London and Opie are in the big pasture. RC is in much better shape then the other two, so they don't chase him around too much. They have been in this arrangement for two days now and the only one who is truely disturbed by the change is Sonnet. I figured that having the two year olds together would be ok, but Sonnet is not a big fan of change.

Today I went out there alone since Mom worked last night (I seem to spend quite a bit of time alone now that I'm home). I took Opie for a little trail ride, which made me think (thus the title of this post). Isn't it odd that this one fat little orange horse is the reason that I have all these other horses too? I've had Opie for 12 years now, and we've dabbled in just about everything. I've tried Katy Cowgirls, western clases, barrel racing, trail rides, dressage, carting, swimming and all sorts of other things that a silly teenager would do with a horse she thought was perfect.
I know that my riding has pregressed by leaps and bounds fromthe day that we brought Opie into our lives, but she doesn't care that I learned all about riding and horse care, using her as my guinea pig. Honestly, she's probably the only horse who could be expected to clamly go trail riding one day, then win a barrel race the next.

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