Friday, July 31, 2009

All Good Things...

...Must come to an end.

We all knew that this day was fast approaching, but now that I'm sitting in "my" living area for the last evening with all of my belongings in boxes and bags piled by the door (with the exception of Tempi's squeaky ball), it's kind of hit me. I have had a great summer experience. I do believe that I have learned a great deal, and have progressed by leaps and bounds (even if it's just little leaps, I'm more then happy). I showed up knowing that something was wrong, but not knowing quite what or how to fix it. Now I know what and where it's going wrong, and even how to fix it. I might not quite catch my mistakes before they happen, but at least I can catch it withing a stride or two. That's major progress!!!
So my homework from my last lesson was: Work in a second level frame and stick to second level work through the championships, then on to third!! Lift the shoulders, and don't drop the haunches in the lengthenings/mediums/extensions.

So now for one of my infamous lists... starting with a few of the things I'm not so sure I'll miss...
1) The sand. Everywhere. It's going to take me a month to feel non-gritty...
2) All the barking. Not that I'll get a reprieve in Houston, but I'll be in MO sooner then I think
3) The unfortunate number of vet visits accumulated during my stay. But I should be set as bad things are only supposed to come in 3.
4) The triple digit temperatures. It's killing me slowly...

And now the things that I know I'm going to miss...
1) The friends I've made here.
2) The daily lessons with the nearly tangible improvement
3) The scenery has grown on me. I find myself thinking that this is a really pretty place at times.
4) Living a stones throw from my horses. I love it, and it has now become a future goal of mine.
5) Having a fellow dressage rider to work with. Yes, horse people are crazy and dressage people are doubly so, but it's a huge motivator to ride with someone much better then I. I'll miss it when I go back to Missouri.

Well... That's all for me. Tempi and I are riding off into the proverbial sunset....

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  1. "all good things must come to your mom!!! oh!" brought to you by the friendly folks in the peanut gallery.