Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Settle Down...

Well, I have been graduated and moderatly employed for about four months now. And it's not quite as much fun being an adult as I thought it would be. Seriously. I spend alot of time tired. It doesn't help that the my commute is roughly 100 miles, round trip. It takes me about an hour to get to work. Two whole hours of my day. Wasted. Makes me sick... Well, in all reality, it makes me more tired then sick.
To be fair, I like my jobs. For the most part. The paperwork at the clinic sucks, but I'll get the hang of it eventually. And the engineering job is just a little nerve wracking because it's new. Give me a few months and it'll all be old hat, I hope. The huge plus side of my engineering job is that I have time to ride both before and after work. It's a helluva long commute, but I know my hours (and sometimes I get out early) where at the clinic my 8-5 hours are more realisticly 8-7. Blah. That doesnt leave a whole lot oftime or energy to ride.

Anyway, on my "I'm tired after a long day at the vet's" day ride, I took Delight for a field ride, with Mom and Sonnet for moral support. It was Deli's first trail ride in the big field and all the hay was laying down in the field. Scary stuff, but Deli was a pro, just striding along like a wonderpony.

So, all in all, how is life right now? In the words of Dierks Bentely "I could settle for a slow down". I'm exhausted.

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