Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Projects

So, today I added to the managerie already living at the farm. I'd like to officially welcome Ed to the herd.
I woke up later (cut me some slack, I worked til 2am yesterday) then I had planned, took my mother to breakfast at Hard Times, then we went to EG's to pick up the cows. EG had called earlier to let me know that they were penned and ready for removal (not quite in those words), so I hooked up the trailer and went out to go collect the new herd. As it would turn out, cows can ruin even the best laid plans. Due to a party at EG's neighbors, the cow had jumped, yes jumped, out of the pen, leaving little Ed all by himself. When I got there, backed up the trailer and got ready, we then had to figure out how to get Ed out of the round pen into my trailer with myself, my mom and EG, who's 80-something. Not as easy as I would have hoped. After quietly chasing Ed around the pen a few times, at the walk, we resorted to Plan B (not the birth control). We brought in some chain link panels forming an L parrallel to the round pen, leading to the trailer. Ed was having none of that and promptly ran through it, knocking the light weight pannels to the ground. On to Plan C: food. Unfortunatly Ed also didnt know wha the rattling feed bucket means, so that was slow going, tossing out pllets making a little path back into our chute.
Fail Again.
So we gave it a rest, singe Ed was starting to get aggitated and think about charging. No one needs a 500# pissed off bull, even if he is young. EG called his neighbors to come help, and we changed out panel configuration. Noe the pannel led straight into the trailer, instead of forming an L. It took, not 5 min for Ed to pop up into the trailer and us get the doos closed. Go figure.
Now he is out and in our little horse pen, not running and lowing nervously, but alternatly eating and napping. Not a high stress cow... i mean, bull. Now all I hve to do is teach him what a feed pan means, and possibly teach him to lead... Good luck with that. The equine herd isnt quite sure that they know what to make of him yet... Give them time.

What blog named "Poodles and Ponies" can pass it's self off if it doesnt include the occasional picture of Tempi being a dork? Here she is, cooling off in rain water in a decorative pot on the proch after an hour of fetch. What a smart poodle....

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