Monday, July 26, 2010

Checking back in...

So… I know, it’s been a long time. In the meantime, I’ve had lamenesses, colic, lacerations and horse shows. This year is not going as I might have planned.
BUT, this last weekend was a MD clinic, so now I think I'm finally in the right frame of mind to get down to the business of riding (correctly). I had two days of lessons with RC and one lesson on Delight. That one was interesting.
Let start on RC. He’s coming back from foot issues, so he’s really had about two months off, leaving him porky, out of shape and easily winded. But he still tries very very hard. (Adorable). It seems that I’m chasing him out of balance and forcing him to run through my hands during transitions because I’m balanced too far forward on my pelvis and not enough back on my pockets. By that, I don’t mean that I need to sit like a reining trainer schooling sliding stops as much as I need to not tilt forward like a frightened saddleseat rider. Crap, it’s my fault again.
Day two with RC was much better than day one. There wasn’t nearly as much tenseness in the neck or trying to pop me off of his short little back when going into the canter. It was almost the RC of old… just about 200 pounds heavier.

Now for Delight. My third and final lesson was on the Diva pony herself. She spent the night at the clinic site, which was a new and different experience for her, but I’m told she handled it well. I had to work that night, so it was up to Mom and Court to deal with all that. Of course, she is only three so working hard in a brand new location was not to be without its kinks. Those kinks turned out to be three very large, very forward bucks in the canter. You know they were big because all the railbirds got quiet. As it would turn out, Delight objects to being corrected. Especially when she thinks that she’s doing everything correct. It is amazing how hard that little pony can buck… By the last buck, I was without stirrups and clinging to her mane while trying to stay in the center of the saddle and keep her in the arena.
What she actually worked on was not nearly as entertaining, I’m afraid. We worked on not letting her shoulder lean either in or out. Straightness is an issue with these young horses, it would seem. After that, we worked on getting her trot bigger and more forward. I do believe that my dark little pony in her bright pink saddle pad was the envy of the group. What a nice feeling, having a horse that other people actually like…. And now I have a little over a month to get RC into shape for the next show… GULP.

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