Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dressage Pony

So...last weekend was Delight's first show! She wasnt actually signed up to show, but RC injured a tendon while I was at the Region II championships being support crew. So, instead of scratching, I changed RCs rides over to Delight and entered her in Intro A and B. I was a little nervous that she would be a naughty pony (she has been before), but she took it like a champ. What a wonder pony. Topsider Dressage is a one day show, so my day started at 4am. Ouch. I got the trailer and my mom ou to the barn, fed everyone and started braiding. AT's mane is so easy to braid, its nice and thin so no pulling is needed! Unfortunatly, I used rubber bands, and he thought that it was spiffy the way he could make them snap by rubbing on the stall at the show. What a jerk. As it would turn out, I used up all of ATs good graces earlier in the week. My 1-4 test consisted of warding off flying changes and catching his shoulders Every. Single. Stride. I didn't think that the flying changes were even possible in the trot. AT thinks otherwise. Jerk. My 2-3 ride was much more subtle, but he was still pulling out all of the stops. That horse can try a different evasion every stride. If he put half that energy into doing well, he would be unstopable. Oh, and have I mentioned that he's 23? That was the first half of my show. The second was Delight. I got her braided (they werent very pretty,since I didnt have her mane pulled). I didnt think that I was going to show her until next spring! She was a star about everything. Her only flaw was that she was trying to look at everything in and around the arena, so her head wasnt steady or collected (she's three!). No matter, She was adorable!

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