Thursday, September 30, 2010

Horse Person?

So, this week I am reevaluating my goals. Why? Because having horses is a lot of work!

My mom went up north to pick up my new truck for me (dont feel bad for her. She wanted to go). My dad went to Austin. So where does that leave me, and why does it matter? That leaves me at my house with three dogs and two barns of horses to take care of. It wears me out.
Truthfully, it wouldnt be so bad if RC wasn't in rehab for a tendon injury. How can one horse (with a sore leg) churn poop into his shaving so fast? Long story short, I havent been able to ride nearly as much as I would like due to all the cleaning-and the fact that now it gets dark before eight. Stupid fall. On the plus side, I've ridden Opie twice, just because she's awesome. And stress free.

Which leads up to a clinic this weekend! With my cranky pony :)

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