Monday, November 28, 2011

Time of Thanks

Sorry to leave you all hanging for a week, but the holidays are here, and I got all caught up in the Thanksgiving celebrations and haven’t had time to type!
We had the family thanksgiving up here in the ‘frozen tundra’… even though it was 55 degrees and sunny for Turkey Day.  We had a big family dinner with aunts and uncles and cousins (and one random awkward, possibly frightened guest). It was a smashing success for 14 Metsa’s sitting around a table.  It was a bit different than the usual four person dinner (complete with a pie per person) followed by Christmas movie after Christmas movie, but quite the holiday, none the less.
One of the better parts was I got to show off my horses! To someone who gets it! Of course, by that, I mean that Courtney both rode my ponies and gave me lessons! Finally! After so long without any direction, I needed those experienced eyes on the ground to keep those bad habits from creeping back in while ensuring that I’m not straying too far from the ‘right’ training.
It’s amazing how little things creep up on a person… For instance, on RC I’ve developed a disturbing tendancy to both lift my outside hand and over flex RC to the inside. As it would turn out, I also need to step it up with Delight. I tend to ride her like the young horse I broke, not the developing horse that she is today. Leg yields and shoulder fore to work her past the ‘scary’ places in the arena that seem to pop up everywhere nowadays. Silly pony…
Also, I got to show off Tilly to Courtney and mom, who might actually appreciate her quality. Yay!
So for the quick list, I’m thankful for family. They mean well, even if they can be overwhelming in the advice department.
I’m thankful for having quality horses, and the all of the time and effort that all of my previous trainers put in to teaching me what I know.
I’m thankful for my poodles. They make me laugh even when I’m stressed and are more than willing to cuddle up next to me on a chilly UP night.
Finally, I’m thankful for my current adventure. I know that I’m lucky to have the education, connections and chance to make such a big change while I’m still trying to figure out my life. There’s no telling where I’ll end up, but I’m glad that I’m taking the chance and trying something different.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and takes a moment to count to good points. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in the annoyances and bad things that happen, sometimes it’s cathartic to stop and count your blessings. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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  1. Yes, and thankful for the lights dad wired in the barn!