Friday, November 11, 2011


Ah, RC… My trusty quarter horse. I like him again.

Why? Because first, he’s sound (finally!) and second, we had a very good ride yesterday, even after having nearly three weeks off! Sure he started out a little tense, and my Stubben doesn’t fit him as well as his custom fit Schleese (spoiled, much?), but after about twenty minutes of warm up, something clicked in his head and he turned on the working horse gear.

We did leg yields, shoulder in’s, renvers, travers and even some baby half pass (he was a little resistant to those). I even got some canter work out of him! This is the first ‘real’ canter I’ve tried out of him in the last three weeks… the quarter pony lope we played with the other day doesn’t count. He was hardly moving. He is wanting to swing his butt in in the canter, just like back in the day, but we fixed it with some baby halfpass ad counter canter (which would have been easier had there not been a fresian careening around the arena).

Oh, it feels so nice to be reminded that I can ride dressage. There is something passed these young horses. Progress will come… My dressage zen is back.

And, the only comment we received while working RC: “He sure has a huge butt”

Tilly had the day off, and Delight had the arena all to ourselves yesterday. It’s like the stars were aligning for good rides. Now I just need to string a few days like that together…

Hey, I can dream.

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