Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Quoth the Raven 'Nevermore'..."

OK, I know it's been a while... But I've been busy.
I mean, I too some students to a show in Wisconsin (which was successful yet exhausting), then had a week long soaking rain (in which London has sulked for another week because his Highness got chilly) and then I caught the flu (or a cold, either way it's not my best weekend).
12 first's, one second, Open high point and Jr/YR high Point

But I'm back. Kinda

I took Tilly out for a ride this morning since she's been so terribly neglected for the last week or so. Of course, she kind of like her rain soaked work free vacation. It gave her a little time to relax and reflect.. and grow a new winter coat. She is now a puffy pony version of herself...

So during my ride, where I attempted to convince Tilly that what she really wants most in life is to be the bestest Dressage Pony Ever, I became increasingly aware of my least favorite of the local fauna.

The crow.
Uh, your title says raven. Crows are not ravens.
Fine, you find a literary reference to crows. Have at it....
... I see your point. 

I mean, who likes crows? They are loud, ugly and - let's face it - creepy. This one chose to settle down in the corner of my arena to eat what I assumed was some sort of disgusting carrion. I was wrong.
As Ponita and I careened by the crow in what is becoming a working canter, I notices that the crow was not, in fact, eating a piece of road kill. the crow had chosen to bring something even worse into my little dressage haven.

the crow was picking apart a wasp's nest.

The wasps were not fans of this.

Tilly and I exited stage left... And I dearly hope that the crow flew off taking it's dinner with it. Otherwise, I might need to go buy some wasp spray.

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