Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm back!

Alright, I'm back. After a week of not riding at all (and a 2000 mile car trip for a two day party), I got back on a horse.
Yesterday, it wasn't even my horse. I'll admit, I punked out yesterday. I was tired from the trip, it was cold and snowing and I just didnt want to leave my bed with it's nice little poodle space heaters. So I slept in, played in the snow with the poodles, then rushed off to work and lessons. Where I got to hop up on a student's horse for a little refresher course in moving off the aids the first time they were applied.

And today I returned to the real world. I got up early-ish (ok, really, not that early), made coffee, took the poodles for a little walk, then headed off to the barn to work a horse or two (ok, so I may have hit snooze two or three times too many to work all three).
Delight got to be my first pony up for work... Which she obviously needed. She was a little bit of a spazz, what with a whole week off and the cold weather. It was 14 degrees when I got to the arena. Brr!
Even though our canter transitions were more of a leap-buck-squeal than the nice relaxed transitions that I would have preferred, we got some decent trot work in, and I called it a day (after having to shed a jacket because the pony worked me over) with a 50 minute ride.
Next up was Tilly... who confuses me sometimes. The last time I rode her she spent the whole hour doing her "baby giraffe" impression and running into the canter transitions. Today i fully expected more of the same, what with the week of complete and total pony time... But she was a champ. Our canter transitions - while still a little off balance - were even acceptable. Yay!

Now, final thought for the day... I really wish that my camera hadn't broken. This post would have been so much more fun with pictures of the snow poodles...

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