Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Year in Review

January saw the beginning of my training business in the upper peninsula, and I participated in the Dressage Today's 'New Year, New You' (and blogged about it). It was cold, and snowy and I enjoyed almost every part of it.

February saw more snow, some freakin' cold days and a loss of riding inspiration. Oh, and a dozen valentines day cupcakes by me, for me (as it should be). I wrapped up the month with a trip to OH to visit a friend and buy some arena mirrors (which WILL go up next year. Promise).

March saw the start of spring... and lots of mud. Lots, lots of mud. And bears.

April saw the battle against Tilly's scratches (which I won), my first clinic with Ken Border Jr, getting my farm ready to horses to come home again and the horses coming home!
May saw rain, hail and sun. There were a few bumps in my introduction to horse keeping on the farm- like Tilly's time practicing the 'electric fence limbo'. London joined the herd for his summer escape. And I started planning for the show season...
June was my birthday! Immediately proceeded by a business trip to Seattle, immediately followed by a horse show in Wisconsin (Delight got a 70%). The next weekend I took 5 students to their first dressage schooling show in Escanaba, which went surprisingly well. Whew!

July saw more farm ingenuity and another horse show. Delight earned another 70% and qualified to go to the championships. Oh... and the bridge.

August brought Tilly's first show. So, it was a schooling show and we showed at intro... BUT she got a 70! Oh, and all of my students did well too. So that was a win. Oh, and my arena went in.

September saw my final schooling show, kids in tow (where we rocked). And Tilly gave Delight a haircut (that's still growing out).

October brought the championships in Lexington, Ky, where I had my biggest reality check of the year. I have got a long, long way to go...

November saw the move of my horses back to boarding (darn). I attended another Ken Borden clinic, where we worked on Delight's lengthenings. There was also a Thanksgiving road trip where I ate too much, drank too much and watched season after season of Psych with my sister. Then drove home in the snow, singing Christmas carols.

December has been quiet. Lots of lessons have been taught (by me), lots of presents were bought... My horses aren't home, and the boarding facility isn't perfect... But it's ok.

Happy New Year! This last one has been a great year, I can only hope 2013 is even better!

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