Friday, January 4, 2013

It feels Like a Cop Out...

So, I was going to try to avoid the whole New Years resolution/life goals for 2013 thing... But the more I think about it, the more it feels like a total cop out.
I haven't made any new years resolutions for the last few years because I really had no clue what was in store. I've moved, changed jobs, moved again, started a little side business and here I am today. I'm finally in a place where I think that I can comfortable predict where I'll be in a year.

And if I'm way off on my predictions when I go through all of my posts a year from now, I'll shrug it off. Or delete this post so there's no incriminating evidence....

Well, since most people have three major categories of new years resolutions-love, money and fitness-I'll do my best to follow suit.

Lets start out easy: Fitness
I want to be down ten pounds from where I am now- preferably 15. It sounds like a lot, but I did kinda put on 5 over the holidays (there was so much food!). I am going to try to behave and do some kind of fitness program twice a week that is not horse relates (so cleaning stalls/moving sawdust doesn't count).

Getting harder: Money
Well, my little training business has gone better than expecting. I'd like to grow by one full time student in the next year and take my existing students to their first recognized show (and not embarrass ourselves). Obviously I won't address my 'real job' goals here... it's a blog about horses (and poodles!) -but I have a few of those as well.

Hardest: Love
HAHAHAHHA.... kidding. Really, with a job, a training business, two upcoming show horses... As if I'd have time for love, let alone share it with you guys.

Ok, we'll replace that with an easy one: Horses (and start easy and work our way down)

RC: I'd like to really confirm his changes. I can get a clean change about 80% of the time now (which is hard in the tiny indoor we're in all winter). I'd also love to start playing around with him in the double bridle- just because we can. I did a pretty good job keeping him fit last year, but if I can commit to one 'fun' day with RC, that might be enough to keep both of us motivated all year long...

Delight: I want her confirmed second level by the end of the year, schooling third. Possibly not showing second level with scores in the 70's, since the lengthenings are tough for us, but at least able to lay down a solid 65%.  Getting her strong enough for the collected work will be the real trick. I'd like to try to commit to one "fun" day of either jumping or just trails every other week.

Chantilly: Poor Tilly got a little neglected last summer, where I mostly just hacked around on here and didn't really work her until fall rolled around. This year I want her at solid first level. I know she can pull off mid-70's with her gaits, I just need to get her stronger and more fluid in all of her work. I'd love to be starting second level work by the time the championships roll around, but we'll see how that one goes.

So how's that for some goals? Not ambitious in the least, right?

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