Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hi-Ho Silver!

Ahm… let me start out by apologizing.
I got busy.
My computer blew a RAM stick.
I moved across the country again.
And I’m living in a log cabin with no internet.
My life is in constant upheaval, yet boring as shit.

Sorry I’ve abandoned you guys (but let’s face it, most of you all don’t care).

But in FANTASTIC news… I got my Silver Medal at the DDC Spring show in Dallas before I left to come back to the UP. Fan freaking tastic. Finally, I am up another medal, thank you Bucastan.

We earned our fourth level scores at the Texas Dressage Classic in Tyler, TX in April. After fewer than twenty rides together. Because, practice… who needs practice?
It was a disaster. There were tornadic-forced winds and inches upon inches of rain. Our warm-up consisted on the extended trot to halt transitions. Because that’s all we had. No steering, no half halts, nada, zip, nothing. We ran people over (some people, repeatedly). Then the bell rang and we entered at A, and Bucky was on FIRE.
Half pass? Yes m’am!
Rein back to canter? Sure thing!

(Psst... Click the links above for video)
(Double Psst: Yes, that is me riding 4-3 while curled up in the fetal position)

Thus we earned our first three fourth level scores, ranging from 63% to 66%. Fourth level? Check.
At the DDC Spring shows we broke out the PSG (and a brand, spanking new shadbelly. Thank you Christine at the Bridle Suite!). We had a pleasant day I, coming in with a respectable 64% even though I totally blew my 4s.

Because who can count to four? Not me, that’s for damn sure.
Day two, I NAILED my fours. And celebrated halfway through my threes, which became 3-4-2-5-3. Whoops.  It averages out, right? We still earned a 7, thank you Chopra. Love that guy.
Really, it was a fantastic show. I smiled. Yes.
Smiled through my whole test.
Does that even happen??? What?

So now what? Bucky and I have qualified at both Fourth and Prix St Georges, so KHP, here we come.
Two down, one to go...

BOOM! Silver time!
This weekend, Bucky and I are patronizing our ‘local’ show (as in the only one under four hours from me… it’s 3.5). Where we will be making our I-1 debut. Let’s just see if we can knock out that first set of scores for our gold, eh?

Wish us luck!

PS: I'll try so hard to be a better poster...

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