Friday, July 25, 2014

The Perks of a Grand Prix Pony

No, don't worry. La Ponitas are far from grand prix... but Grand Prix Pony does have a certain ring to it, doesn't it? 
Now, I know that I am one lucky SOB when it comes to horses. I mean, how many dressage enthusiasts have a Grand Prix horse fall into their lap so that they can earn their medals in a handful of shows?

Handful? Easy Alison, no need to get cocky. You still need those Grand Prix scores.

No matter. Bucky and I have got this.
(Know what bucky and I don't "got"? Trail riding... not our bag....)

But that’s not really my point. Not only do I have this wonderful horse to practice the upper levels on, I have a very definite point of comparison for my ponies.  I know what riding a straight powerful line of tempis feels like. I have ridden the ‘sit’ needed for half-steps (or actually piaffe). It’s really enlightening, and prompts me to ask for more, instead of settling for ‘good enough’ from my girls.
Eating and napping... what else doe you want from a pony?

Delight is not always on board with this training methodology. She very much believes that I should be damn pleased that she even offers to play my game, much less ask her for more. How rude is that?
Of course, I still have moments when I call up my support system (aka my sister) asking why the half passes on Delight don’t feel like Bucky's or how to fix it when Tilly struggles with some bit of lateral work.
Oh, she’s not a grand prix pony (yet!)? Of course! Baby steps. 
Evidently that training pendulum swings both ways… Too much, not enough, too much, not enough.

And where are we going with this rambling monologue?

Right. The point.
The point is that Delight and I have our flying changes newly installed! Of course, they don’t quite feel like Bucky’s nice calm controlled changes… In fact, usually the first few are more of a fly-through-the-air-and-land-on-the-new-lead-hopefully. It’s… exuberant, to say the least.
After a few cannonball-pony leaps, we can get a few nice, clean, easy flying changes to each direction. And today, even our half passes felt Bucky-like.
Suck it, second level! 
Ahm, I mean…. We are going to kick ass if I ever take this pony to another show. At first level. Because that's what it takes.
Humble, Alison. Humble…
Just because my tractor is sexy....

Did I mention that Delight had clean changes today? ‘Cause it was awesome. 

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