Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Is Here!

Fall is here! I noticed it while I was driving through the UP to southern Wisconcin to look at some ponies (ponies!). The trees are becoming that brilliant red and orange - not that dull brown that happens down south. It was really a pleasant drive. Can I interrupt myself to say, I love ponies? Love love love. I had to call everyone immediatly afterwards to share my pony high...
But I digress. I thought I had found mom's new partner. She was a cute little mare, a little greener than I would have liked, but will probably end up the perfect AA pony. I also looked at a few competitive ponies for me... Why? I'm not sure. But it seemed like the smart thing to do after driving six hours to go look around. All in all, I test rode 4 ponies, and looked at all the young stock, broodies and the sire of everything. (Adorable little pony stallion. Nice horse on the ground too...).
My problem is that I loved the 5 year old talented mare. She was beyond fun to ride. I don't need a trained horse (but she's not show ready yet), even if her price comes down quite a bit. The other problem was the 2 year old pony mare. Can you say project pony? She would be much more reasonably priced and could give me a great up and comming pony as Deli becomes more of a show horse. This idea gets more and more appealing to me...

So lets list the reasons why I don't need a third project:
1) She'd have to be on lesser board than RC and Deli. Partly for cost, partly because the elite board is full. Could I stand the thought of my horse being outside in the cold?
2) I don't know where I'll be in a year. Again. Terrifying? It probably should be, but this is kind of how my life goes, it seems.
3) Breaking a pony in the winter might prove harder then breaking a pony in the summer in el paso. On the other hand, it would be nice to have walls when breaking the pony.
4) Dad. Will. Flip. A. Shit.

So, four good reasons NOT to persue this pony angle. But I still want to try it...

In other, not quite so confusing news... I made a tryout video to send in to be a demo rider for the Steffen Peters symposium in WI this fall. We're so close to being fancy. Another 10% and we'll be training level ready, I believe. Those 70's are in there somewhere.... Enjoy!

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