Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hitting the Trails...

So, this weekend I took up a neighbor on an invitation to go for a trailride. I have never felt so guilty.
There was gravel and/or mining rubble for over half the ride. Poor RC is so footsore today that he didn't trot to the fence. Before I even think about bringing him to another train ride in this area I will owe him a full set of shoes with clips. But RC was a trooper, he climbed the hills and kept up with the rest of the pack with only minimal whining. I did dismount and walk him across the worst parts, which I think he was grateful for. The only problem with that plan was that RC tried his darndest to step exactly where I stepped, not always waiting til I had moved my feet out of the way. In other, not sad news: I got my new camera! So I'll just add some pictures that I took while playing around with it.
Adventure Poodles
Too cute....
RC- Hill fit and happy
Delight, hoping I brought an apple
Farm Poodles This camera is so much fun! The color isolation might be abused by me. It's just so spiffy! Let me know what you think....

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