Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer's over...

In my goal to actually work the ponies, I took them both for a ride this morning before heading to work.

Unfortunately for me, there was a 40 degree temperature drop between when I last rode Delight and this morning. She was like sitting on a little powder keg (not quite the Fist, like her sister, but close enough). She was looking for shadows to spook at, so we stayed in Ray’s close field to school, and hopefully not have any deer run ins, since that might have pushed her over her tolerances, and I in no way wanted an early morning trek back to the barn to catch my naughty pony. Just sayin’.

She was wonderful.

We worked on changing bend and direction both in the canter and trot. Our transitions are a little bit sticky sometimes, but they even got better as the ride progressed. Best of all, there were no Whoastorms. None. All of our trot-walk transitions were fluid and forward. Even when we worked on bits of the sitting trot, not a whoastorm in sight. She tried to back off slightly, but a little leg and she brought her back right back up where it belonged and trotted like a first level pony. Yay!
RC lucked out. He only had a half hour ride around ray’s back field, poodles in tow. Bacon and Tempi have gone somewhat soft without their daily 5 mile trail ride (especially since Tempi will have nothing to do with the bike). RC was a champ, in his fluffy ‘winter’ coat. All of his little red hairs were standing on end this morning, so I guess he got a tad chilly last night.

According to tonight’s forecast, the low is 36 degrees. Looks like my guys will be blanketed. The guilt of looking into RC’s poor beseeching eyes outweighs the neighbors thinking that I have the most pathetic pansified horses ever.

In other great news, I should get my camera replacement this week, so the pictureless blogs will not continue!

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