Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm Home!

So, I've been in Seattle all week for work. And it was weird not having to feed ponies, or walk dogs. Nor having to share a pillow with some pushy poodles...

I got in at midnight on friday, and I think it would be hard to decide who was more excited to see me more, Delight or Bacon (tempi gave me a look over her shoulder then went back to sleep). Deli spent all of saturday watching me, following me when she could. And when I curried her, she went from fuzzy brown pony to sleek black velvet pony. Poor girl just wated to be clean. RC seems to have no such scruples, as he's just as happy dirty as clean.

Delight's Hoping...

So, long story short, but I don't have any interresting things to add. I just took some photos of the fall. Upside, it was fun. Downside, I seem to have missed the best of the color. Sigh...
Fall Biking

RC's Here!

Shadow Life

Fall Colors

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