Monday, December 19, 2011

The Hood

So this weekend was cold.
Bitter bitingly cold.
So cold that I couldn't feel my fingers or toes... before I even finished tacking up Pony 1.

Yeah, I know this is a blurry terribly picture from my phone, but my truck's thermometer says TWO degrees! That's hardly a temperature.
Of course, at this point, I should have said to myself it's too cold. On;y a total loon would be out trying to work horses in this weather. But instead the peptalk I gave myself was more along the lines of dont be a pansy! It's only going to get colder, then what are you going to do? Pathetic....

Never let your subconscious mock you. It's a disturbing trend.

All of the horses were good, cold not withstanding. RC rode in his fleece cooler the entire time (otherwise his tail disappeared into that giant butt and he wouldn't go forward. At all).
Delight was pretty good. I think we're making leaps and bounds to correct this spooky pony issue. We're defeating the scary corner one leg yeild/ shoulder-in/ half-pass at a time!
And Chantilly was the naughty pony. Now, her version of naughty isn't nearly what Delight's can be, but it was out of character for her. She flipped her tail over her back and extended trotted around the ring with her nose in the air like a retarded arabian. Of course after two or three laps she let me steer again, then we were back to the pretty pony that I knew was in there some where. Changing direction, changing bend, lengthening and starting transitions... Chantilly is becoming old hat at this stuff. I guess it's time to push her a little further.

Of course, RC CANNOT be expected to enjoy himself outside when it's two degrees outside. Unless he's wearing a hood.

Oh, and his neighbor (not Delight) was terrified of RC's mask. I think he's kind of adorable in it... Don't you?

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