Monday, July 9, 2012

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Or a swampy little creek...
While I was trying to prepare La Ponita for her show last weekend, my parents came up to help me knock out a few little projects. So, here, in all it's glory is my new bridge. 

Before: trees, creek, swamp. 
Don't worry, I said. This will be totally doable, I said.  Not a problem, I said. 
Just a little bit of tree clearing and we're golden!
 I can see it now... Beautiful bridge over babbling brook. Like a post card. 
 Oh, flags are up. This might really happen!
Yeah, Dad, that tree needs to go. 
Nearly there... Just a touch more to go.
 Now what do we do with all of the trees and wood that had to be cleared? Oh wait... I know!

Time for some little supports. I'm thinking 6"x6" x 10' should about do it.
It's all starting to come together, one post hole at a time. 
With a little imagination you can hear Dad swearing at rocks. 
What is that I see, a new recruit? Excellent. Visitors will be put to work immediately.  
I knew there had to be a picture of me working somewhere.... 
The girls hard at work while the boys look on. Hmm... 
Supports? Check. Frame? Check. Decking?
Evidently not all visitors are put to work, judging from the 'hands on hips' and 'leaning on the rail' poses...
Someone's gotta hold this rail up, I suppose. 
Definite improvement from the original model....
Of course, many thanks to Dave, Carol, Dad and Mom for help on this project! It wouldn't have gotten done without you guys!

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