Sunday, February 24, 2013

Good News!

Well, last week was a rough week.

The barn manager up and left, leaving the barn in a sort of limbo, Opie passed away and we had a blizzard.
"Don't worry Alison, I'll never ever ever leave you alone"
Says Bacon the comfort-poodle

But today was better!

For one thing, it's been in the upper twenties, which is practically tropical by recent standards.

I know, I only rode on horse, but Delight was great. She's switched her stiff side from left to right, so at least there's something new.... I'll admit thatDelight can frustrate me with all of the spooking and leaping shenanigans, but when she's right it feels like I really accomplished something. And today she was right. We warmed up, per usual with lots of leg yield, changes of bend and shoulder ins, then moved into transitions once I got her back end where it was supposed to be.

By the end of the hour, I had some really fantastic sitting trot, halt-to-forward trot transitions, and lateral work. I've got to give it to the pony, when she's on, she's on!
"Ummm... why does SHE get the blanket?"

So, you only rode one horse, what are you so excited about Tilly for?
Well, I'll tell you.
My 12 year old student rode Tilly for the second time and Tilly was a little champ. She'll make a wonderful kids horse with a few more years on her, and who knows, with a few more shows on her she might fund part of my arena!
But I'd miss her, so she'll be staying with me for now!
"Yeah, I'm ready for the Jr/YR classes"

It's always fun to watch someone else ride your horses. Tilly is a fancy little pony with muscle on her now. Adora-Pony!

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