Monday, February 11, 2013

What a Waste...

After two (more) stellar rides on the Tillner, i have come to the conclusion that her super-chill ammy-friendly temperament is absolutely wasted on me. I mean, I caught myself thinking "man, this horse is a boring ride"... Not because she's a blah horse, but just because she doesn't spook, buck, bolt, look, or even twitch when things happen around her.
One of those balmy February days...

Let's take Sunday as the perfect example of why this is The Amateur Pony.

  • I rode her last. After giving three lessons, riding a student's horse and having an exciting ride on Delight, I was understandably low on initiative and patience by the time I pulled her out of the field.
  • It was getting dark (aka, close to dinner time)
  • The horses had spent the afternoon getting riled up as the neighbors shoveled snow off of the roof
  • A low pressure system was just starting to dump freezing rain over the area (side note: why does 30 degrees feel so much colder than 20? That doesn't seem right)
  • Four- count it, four- 'advanced beginner' riders hopped on their ponies and swarmed the arena about 20 min into our ride
  • The BM's boyfriend was moving snow with the tractor, so ever 30 seconds or so, there was the thud of snow banking up against the steel arena

All of the factors were piled against her, yet she still pulled a wonderful ride out of nothing!

I mean, she was focused, through and powerful (for a pony). She was obedient and supple. She was perfect!
And while I thoroughly enjoy this pony, it feels like the karma of the horse world is out of whack when I,an accomplished 'trainer', have such a calm wonderful horse when so many poor adult ammys (and some kids) are woefully overhorsed and don't enjoy their saddle time because they worry about when the next spook will happen or what noise will set  Dobbin off next.
"Psssh, you keep your winter storm Nemo.
We call this one 'Monday'"
Of course, when ever I start thinking that riding is dull because Tilly's such a rockstar, there's always Delight to bring me crashing back to earth. Thanks, Pony. Really.

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