Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Blah's

Have you ever had a week that can only be described as "blah"?

That's how my week has been. Not a stellar week, not a terrible week, not even an incredibly icky week. It's even been sunny for the last few days. I still had a rough time getting excited about it.
Unlike Bacon,who lives in a state of constant excitement.
But I did have a good day with the ponies today. Delight started the day a tad... up. But she (and I) pulled it together to end with a nice relaxed trot. Whew!
Lurking pony
Tilly was... Not perfect.
Then again, after two days off, what do I expect?
Perfect! I want perfect! All the time! 
Then again, instead of Delight's spin & whirl maneuver, Tilly is positively boring to ride. Even when she's being naughty, she's just not as supple and responsive as I want instead of being spooky, jumpy and bucky... Like another pony I could name.


Tilly has taken control of the herd.
Don't do anything crazy.

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