Thursday, August 8, 2013

Flowers for Algernon

I hated that book when I had to read it in Jr High School. Terrible, depressing read.... But maybe that's just me. 
However my only other literary segue in to my gardening post was the Grapes of Wrath... also depressing. So let's just pretend that I'm clever and witty and have a green thumb, alright?

With London gone, I think today's post needs to be something lighter that I can actually control. So what does a part-time engineer, part time dressage trainer living in the Upper Michigan wilds on a renovated 100 year old farm do in her spare time?

That's ok, take a minute. Catch your breath. I know the thought of me and spare time is hilarious. Nearly as much as a social life.

Anyway, I have two hobbies, other than horses: Yoga and gardening (obviously I have this thing for instant gratification...). I suck at both of them, but I try and really, that's all that counts, right?
Yeah... I can do that... like, never. 
So, the gardening is really coming along more rapidly than the yoga. As it would turn out, I am not that flexible. At all. 

Let's start with my tomatoes!  After two years of nurturing, watering, forgetting about it for a week, giving up on it then bringing it back from the brink of death... I am rewarded!

See all of those little greenie? Three of them! Makes up for the months and months of effort I put into them. And, let's face it, it's always more fun to garden things that you can eat later on.

Next up is my little rose bush. I planted twu, and the other has taken off like a weed, new stems and leaves everywhere. This on hasn't sprouted quite as prolifically, but instead of focusing all of it's little plant energies on leaves... I have a bloom! A gorgous orange and yellow rose, with two more little buds coming in in the back ground.
I know that in this picture, you can't really appreciate the uniqueness of the coloring.... But it has a flower! With more on the way!

And moving one....

You guys remember that flower box I added to the front of the barn? Complete with strawberry plants?
It's already rewarded me with three or four juicy, ripe strawberries... with more on the way! On a side note: It is soo much easier to keep a plant/garden weed free when it's in a box or pot off of the ground, like my tomatoes and strawberries. I spent a whole half hour weeding my roses... Don't even get me started on the blueberries.
Yeah, those blueberries. Look at all of them! I know, they are still green and unappetizing... but look how many there are! And how big they are already!  I think I see a parfait in my future...

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