Monday, August 19, 2013

The Return of the She-Hulk

Yep, just like that. Only I was sweatier, with less visible skin and way less cleavage. Way less.

Anywho... I have hay in my hay loft! Now, why this is important and She-Hulkian, as some of you may remember, I do not have a hay elevator, and have to get all of my hay into the loft 7+ feet off the ground. I am 5 ft + a few inches. Do the math. It results in me swearing and sweating.

So, I purchased not one, not two but three wagon loads of hay.
Beautiful, isnt it?
Also, note: those hay wagons don't have breaks like my horse trailer, so every time I braked, the weight of the trailer would bump me forward, giving me quite the jar due to a half inch of slop in the trailer hitch. My poor truck...

Wagon 1: Up in the hay loft
Now, i didn't get all three wagons on one day. I got two wagons on the first day and one about a week later. For the first wagon it took me the better part of a day. That sucked and I needed loooooots of breaks. I had a little help for wagon 2. Unfortunatly, I picked it up at 9:30 at night, hot off the field and had to return the wagon early the next morning, so off the wagon and into the barn (but not the loft) it went.
This is what 180 bales looks like. Stacked 4-5 high
But eventually it made it up in the loft to join the rest. And in came wagon three. I had two assistants to help unload 206 bales of hay... These were lighter bales too, so the work flew buy (probably because I gave the boys the hard lifting jobs). 45 minutes later, I have all of the hay that I should need for a winter. Whew.
They don't even know how good they have it....

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