Monday, December 16, 2013

You Know What Else I Love About Winter?

(Could alternatively have been titled "What else I love about traveling")
Look at all that snow... already! It's only December
The flu.

I have been sicker than sick for the past four days. The achey joints, exhausted, sore throat, and fever sort of flu... Only up side: I lost 5 pounds doing absolutely nothing.  As in those rapidly-becoming-feral ponies had to deal with minimal attention: No stall cleaning, no blanket changing, no grooming. Just dump feed and turn out. The bare minimum... and those darling little hot house flowers could not believe it.

Fortunatly today I feel so much better!
I woke up with a less hacking cough and some energy!
Gorgeous 9am sunrise
It was gonna be a beautiful day! The sun was shining, the dogs were ecstatic that I was once again on two feet and moving (or at least Scott and Bacon were ecstatic; Tempi slept in).

After throwing breakfast hay and giving the ponitas their handful of grain, I came back in for my morning tea (because I have an addiction... And it makes my throught feel better. So what? Don't judge)... The thermometer outside my kitchen window ruined my cheery optimistic mood. I guess even thinking about going for a ride- even a bareback trailride- was pushing my luck.
Yes, that says -10F

So I cleaned stalls, rebedded with the expensive prepackaged sawdust because my loose pile is frozen solid, groomed, upped the blanket power then turned the ponies out. I watched the mares leap and buck, but of course by the time i took off a glove and got my phone out for pictures, they were acting like nothing ever happened....
The snow doesn't look deep here, but in places it's at least 3'

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