Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Maybe A Little Cheese....

... To go with my whine.
Really, I do try to stick to wine rather than whine.
Sometimes both are needed.
It's been cold and snowy. I can handle cold, but the blowing snow that we've had for the past few days is just not cool. Not cool at all. I haven't been able to ride more than once or twice a week, and I'm really not ok with it.
The wood floors make rough housing difficult
It would seem that I get a little testy about things when I don't get my saddle time. Sure, I clean stalls, brush horse and dump manure... but it's just not the same.
At least someone is willing to help a girl out
So, what's a girl to do when she can't spend hours and hours riding/playing with horses (because, honestly, how much can I clean the barn!)?
How about pretend to be a normal homeowning(ish) adult? A little non-equine themed decorating, maybe?
The extra room, before
Now, I will be the first to say that my house is freaking adorable... until you come inside. Then it's hospital beige with horse pictures all over the place and pretty much always looks like I come inside and just explode. 
What? I'm not exactly Suzie Homemaker. So sue me...
But I did make an effort. My goal is to go through room by room and turn it into "my" house, not just "the family" house
>>Quick side note for my readers who didn't know: My humble little farm house was built by my great grandparents, and has been inhabited by a few of every generation ever since. There's a history.
So what's more me than bright colors?I mean, this place has six months of grey, who would want a boring dull colors?
Too bright?
Now for something that most of you wouldn't know about me: I love love love the steampunk look. Top hats, gears, metal and gem tones... How cool, right?

In an effort to look less like a Just Out Of College girl, I even painted my various colored Ikia shelves so they all match (ok, not all of them match. Let's call it a work in progress). So far only one shelf is completely done. I spray painted it hammered brass (so much fun!), and ordered a little bag of old watch parts and affixed little gears and watch hands to the boarder. I think it looks pretty cool at least, even though it doesn't really show it off in the pictures.
Look at all of the gears! 

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