Monday, February 24, 2014

Eye Heart Tempi

Good Golly it's been a while, right?
Where in the hell have I been?

Oh, here and there. I have plenty of valid, and a few not-so-valid, excuses. Some will crop up as future blog posts. I promise a few days of rapid fire posting. Unless I get busy again. Or lazy. But I'll try. Promise

Perfectly valid excuse #1: Tempi went under the knife

As most of you know, Tempi went completely blind in her right eye in September and her left eye has only 40% vision left. So she's pretty much a blind little poodle. Or at least she was...
Last Thursday, Tempi went under the knife for cataract surgery.
Sleepy Post-Op Poodle

Now it's been a few days, we have our second post op recheck on Friday. She's looking better and pretty happy about life. Except for that collar. And her contact lens to keep the tiny stitches on her eyelid from rubbing.
Cone of Shame and a Contact Lens

Yep. She's got her very own cone of shame to keep her from itching or rubbing her eye. She really only messes with it (or tries) after she gets her eye drops (and we have a whole ICU chart of daily meds) or before bed. She's not allowed to join us out at the barn or spend any extra time outside. A restriction she's rebelling against by chewing her loudest squeaky toy with gusto.

Side note: There is nothing quite as funny as playing catch with a poodle in a cone. Hilarious.

Fingers crossed for a 100% fit and happy check up on Friday.


  1. Best wishes to Tempi, hope the surgery is a success. Hopefully, this summer I will not have to worry about running her over, since she will have better vision. Give Tempi a big get well hug from me.


  2. If only the cone of shame was as hilarious to the wearer as it is to people...