Monday, February 24, 2014

Time to Pull On the Big Girl Breeches

So, I had a special delivery the other day.

Mister Sambuca Extra was delivered to my doorstep, hot and sweaty and fresh from Pennsylvania.

My sister has most graciously shipped me her Grand Prix horse so that she can focus on her younger pony as her 'real' job gets hectic. I have the chance to earn my silver this year, and possibly even my gold.

First we tried putting him out with the only sweet horse we have (he does not do well solo), and lo and behold, he kicked Tilly right above the knee. Now I'm without a show pony and he's without a pasture buddy.

Enter the Blackfish, aka Delight. Evidently what Bucky really wanted was a cranky alpha mare who wants nothing to do with him and violently rebuffs his repeated attempts to live in his personal space.
Well that solves one problem.

Now I just need to learn how to ride this behemoth.
My first ride on him, I felt about as effective as a ragdoll tied to a boarder collie. Not a great feeling. Fortunatly, it's been a week and I have had several good rides on him. I am starting to figure him out and our rides are going better and better. Not that I am not in dire need of our lesson this week.... I cannot wait.

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