Sunday, February 2, 2014

10 Things to Do Before Thirty

So, this weekend, not much riding got done. Saturday, I went to a friend's bridal shower in Houston, so there went that day and today I rode Tilly until we were hit by walls of cold water. It rained.
Then I went out to lunch with afore-mentioned friend... And came home to let the horses out for an hour while I cleaned stalls then bring everyone back in for dinner.
Now here I am.
Not watching the super bowl.

Because I've already seen the Clydesdale commercial. It was adorable.

Mom's at work and the guys are out at a bar watching the super bowl, so I was making lists.
"Things to Do This Week"
"Things to Do This Winter"

And in the light that E and I came to the shocking realization that it's our 10 year reunion next year (gawd, are we old!)... Here's my latest and greatest, published for posterity:

Ten Things To Do Before Thirty
  1.  Show Delight in an open jumper class. I'll be taking her to our first jumping lesson next week some time, so why not? I'll add 'Open Jumper' to her list of accomplishments.
  2. Show at Devon. I don't care in what, I just want to show there.
  3. Go to the WEG. Hopefully the one in Vegas, since that would be easiest on my checkbook and my friends would be going too. How much trouble could we possibly get into? Really?
  4. Sell a horse. I really hope it doesn't take until I turn thirty for that to happen.
  5. Buy brown schooling boots, just to shake things up.
  6. Take dance lessons. Ballroom, swing, salsa... doesn't matter.
  7. Attend a yoga class... regularly. (Whoops)
  8. Run a 10K. With Bacon
  9. Write a book. Or short story. Or hell, even a poem.
  10. Find a sponsor.
How easy is that?
I only have a few years left, so I had better get to work on that. Yikes!

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  1. Totally doable :) I made a 30 before 30 list, but I only have 11 months left to do them!