Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Don't Stop the Music

I seem to go through phases of music- no music… And I am currently in a music phase. Could it be inspired by the costume freestyle class in October?


Is it easy to listen to music when one’s arena has no available power source?
Certainly not.

I mean, I make do with my Zune but its big and bulky and the ear buds are always falling out and ends up pissing me off more than providing soothing tunes. So I tried having a battery operated speaker hanging up by the mirrors, which worked if one has a thing for 20 meter circles by C. Now, don’t get me wrong… I do love me some twenty meter circles… but every so often I have to go rogue and oh, I don’t know… shoulder in down a long side or even extend across a diagonal. Wild. Crazy. Out of speaker range.

Oh Alison, how ever did you solve this world-ending problem?

Why thank you for asking. I got a nomorerack.come email advertising free shipping for three hours, and on a whim, I opened it rather than immediately sending it to the trash folder like every other email I get (except for SmartPak… those bastards always lure me in). Low and behold, the Pyle Sport MP3 headphones, regularly 199.99, were featured for 35.99.
Worth it?


 It’s only a little 4G player, so it doesn’t hold a ton of tunes and since it’s the size of a Bluetooth ear piece all of the buttons are really small. Of course, there it only on/off/pause, volume and previous/next buttons to contend with, so it’s not like the thing is rocket science to operate.  Even I could figure it out.

Today was my first ride with it.  I was really hoping that I hadn’t just wasted 35 bucks with something that was just going to bounce around and/or fall off mid ride.
So I put it on, hit play, adjusted the volume and then donned my helmet. The neckband – or whatever you would call it – fit perfectly just over the harness of my helmet. And I will say that I was impressed. It lasted through all three horses from everything from pony pissy fits to the piaffe-passage tour. No ear buds getting bounced out of place in the sitting trot or bulky MP3 players pulling on my waistband.

Oh, and it’s waterproof. It’s really designed for swimming, so I really don’t worry about a little bit of sweat ruining it. Plus, those post ride baths where the rider ends up just as wet at the horse? Now set to music!

Now, I wouldn’t run out and drop $200 on these bad boys… but for $35, it’s totally worth it.

If you like music. Otherwise, save your money. Seriously, though, who hates music?

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