Friday, August 1, 2014

It's a Dog-Eat-Dog World Out There

Now, I've been having one of those weeks where self confidence and general morale is at a low, so I'm going to try to keep the general melancholy to my self and not let it creep into my posting... But sometimes it slips in. Sorry about that. There's really nothing worse than someone else feeling sorry for themselves, is there?

Anyway. Back to the fun entertaining life of Moi.

This week the coyotes have returned with a vengeance. Occasionally I've seen one when out trail riding, off and on for the last three years. But ever since the dramatic fence incident of 2011, I've only heard the creepy yips off in the distance.
This week they were coming from across my creek.

There's something about coyotes singing that instinctively makes me to a poodle head count.  It doesnt matter if we're all in bed and I know that they are safely behind closed doors, I still have to actually pet both poodles just to make sure that they don't turn into Poodle McNuggets.
I am NOT a poodle Mc Nugget.
And I hate my post-bath PJs.

I usually let the poodles go out hunting while I ride. Well, in all honesty, Bacon hunts and Tempi naps in the sun or occasionally shriek-barks at Bacon. Yesterday while taking Bucky up to the arena for a little workout, I saw two coyotes on the path by my arena. Bucky was freaked out, even though I told him that there was no way that the coyotes could hurt him.
"I am a GRAND PRIX HORSE! I do not have to deal with predators!

I was freaked out because this was in broad daylight and I've only ever seen coyotes in the late afternoon or early morning and sometimes Bacon and Tempi trot up that path to come watch me ride for a bit before heading back to the house.
Now they are under permanent house arrest unless I am able to keep an eye on them.
Poor Bacon just wants to be able to hunt chipmunks in peace...
It's ok, I still love you!
And I'll wear all the bows that Tempi won't.

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