Sunday, August 24, 2014

Learning All the Things!

Again.... sorry for the lengthy break.
It's exhausting being me....
I;m boring. And don't have internet access at home. I am forced to go to McDonald's and steal... ahm, borrow, their wifi to post. Legit, right?

The things I do to be able to afford to go to dressage shows.

Hunter poodle, Bacon
Anywhoo... I've been taking lessons. Two of them. Every other week. But it's better than nothing right? I mean, 7 hours of driving for one hour of instructions isn't too nuts, is it?
I knew horse people would understand. You guys are fabulous.

Lesson one I brought Delight, hoping to show her off. I love that giant pony and when she's on, she's on. But she was not on. She was a little time bomb. Pleasant.
The whole lesson was how to relax the pony so that she would use her back and short little neck for good, not little pony evil. We made progress and I was just happy to be receiving instruction. Win-Win.

Yesterday, I brought Bucky. I mean, since he's the one going to Kentucky in two months, it only makes sense to bring him for lessons. He's good; I could be better... Thus the lessons.
We worked on bend and getting him to actually use his shoulders instead of 'assuming the position' and allowing me to have some significant input rather than sitting up there like a figurehead. And he did.
What a wonder pony.

Now to keep it....

'Cause I'm a Grand Prix Horse!

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