Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 1

Today I finished the drive from Rolla, MO to El Paso, TX. I left Abilene, TX this morning at quarter til eight, and arrived at 5pm local time.
The drive was really straight forward: I-44 west to 277 south (I-44 becomes 277) to Abilene then 277 south to I-20 west until it intersected I-10. Then I got a little lost in El Paso, and have formed the opinion that the boarder is kinda scary. Actually it’s really creepy. It was almost enough to send me packing off to Houston, but I didn’t. Instead, I drove around downtown El Paso with a three horse trailer until I ran into I-10 again, then I headed east to try to follow Martha’s directions again… This time it worked. I made it, parked the trailer and unloaded two happy, healthy horses.
RC and Deli have eaten an entire bale of hay today while en route. They have been troopers while on the road. They drank every time I offered water, ate, pooped and peed when they had the opportunity. Even after ten hours on the trailer, they hopped out bright eyed, looking around and taking in their new surroundings.
RC and Deli get to be pasture buddies, if you can call it a pasture. Everything here is about six inches deep in red sand. I feel gritty just thinking about it. Anyway, RC and Deli get to share a one acre sand lot, with two run-in stalls. The bed room of my rented apartment looks out to their stalls. Deli hasn’t noticed me here, but Mr. Chompers sure did. He was staring intently as I was unpacking. I think that he was willing me to give him more feed…. Too bad it didn’t work out for him. I have a hard time feeling too bad, the ponies are going to get a 50/50 split of grass hay and alfalfa this summer. After being here for a few hours, and actually talking to Martha, I feel a whole lot better about this decision.

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