Friday, May 29, 2009

Half Day!

So, the title pretty much says it all. I only worked half a day today. I was done by three, which was a good good thing, since my feet were killing me. I am not used to wearing boots all day!
(To the right you can see the incoming rain... who would have thought that it would rain so much in El Paso?)
So, today starts like all the others: clean pens, groom Derringer and give him his shots, then get RC for a lesson.
Today, RC was really trying (I think). I am so sore in the left half of my body, I cant really honestly tell what was his stiffness and what was mine. After about 20 minutes of not being able move his ribs over, MD kicked me off of him and rode him straight for about five minutes. Then I got back on him, and RCs half-passes were MUCH MUCH better. As it turns out, I need to kick his middle to the outside, otherwise he can't go forward at all, and ends up turning a half-pass into a side pass. All in all, I think that both he and I were too sore to be much good today. So we're gonna do it again tomorrow!
Deli was a delight (no pun intended) as usual. She lunged, outside of the arena, in a saddle and a bridle. She was very very good. She walked, trotted and even picked up her leads on the first or second time. That was her issue yesterday, but she is a smart little mare. Her only objection (read: bucking) comes when I touched her with the lunge whip, but as long as i didn't touch her, she was more then willing to stay out on the circle at the gait I told her to. MD thinks that I can get on her on Monday... we shall see!!

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