Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Catching Some Rays....

Ahhhh.... Another nice UP spring-like day. It's low 40's and sunny. Downside is that there has been a near constant 20 mph breeze all day long, which cools things down quite a bit.
Tilly solved the 'sunbathing in the wind' problem quite neatly using her run in as a wind block. The other plus side is that it was one of the few mud free areas. She was fast asleep; her little nose twitching as she dreamed about grazing in pastures full of green grass and sunlight. 

 She was quite shocked that I had gotten so close before she woke up enough to notice me. She gave me her best "please don't make me get up and work" look, so I let her have the day off. She just looked so comfortable. Who was I to ruin her morning?
So we sat together in the sun...

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