Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow Day!

Yesterday we got hit with the second storm of the season. It was icky enough that I got sent home from work early so that I didnt end up in a ditch somewhere on my drive home. Lucky me, right?
So what does a person do when it's blowing the snow sideways at 30 mph and there's about a 20' visibility all day? Laundry? Dishes? Vacuum the house?
I probably should have done housework. Instead I clipped the poodles. They have been sporting their "winter teddy bear look" for far too long, so I took matters into hand and brought out the grooming table and clippers...

Step one: Corral poodle onto grooming table. Begin brushing out all of those burrs and snarls that I've been ignoring for a month or so. Let Bacon lay down because he loves the grooming...
Bacon all brushed out
Step Two: The FFT. 
All poodle people know what an FFT is; kind of like all dressage people know FEI, KWPN and OTTB. An FFT is the name of the most basic touch up trim: Feet, Face, Tail. Basicly it's shaving the face, shaving the feet, and trimming around the tail. Isn't Bacon so much more handsome with his little poodle face?

After a FFT (face feet and tail) trim
 Step Three: Cut off all the excess hair. No clipper guards, not method, no style, just all of the excess fluff is sissored off, leaving between 1/2" and 3/4". Rebrush out after removing most of the hair, then go over and neaten up with the 1/4" clipper guard. Don't worry,  I neatened Bacon up after this picture!
Most of the fluff is gone!
 And now it's Tempi's turn!
Ohhhh...Tempi is NOT a happy Poodle.
 Obviously Tempi doesn't enjoy the attention and primping and brushing as much as Bacon did. She threatened to kill me if I took any more pictures...
Poodles in PJs
After a good haircut, poodles want nothing more than to nap on the chaise... In PJs. Again, Bacon is happier about these things than Tempi is....

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