Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To Clinic or Not To Clinic...

Ok, so that's hardly a real question.
The real question is is it worth a 130 mile drive (one way) to spend over $100 a day for a weekend clinic?

See, that's the downs side to living in the middle of freaking no where... Good instruction is just not to be had. Sure there's a "dressage trainer" up here (note the air quotes... or real quotes. OK, so, if I was talking instead of typing this, those would totally be air quotes), but he's more of a crank 'n spank trick training type trainer. I know he's 80 and wears that funny hat so popular with those super kosher European trainers, but a 4 yo** probably doesn't need to work on the piaffe/passage tour before they have even mastered the canter. So that option is right out for me and my Ponitas.

** Actually saw this lesson. Not with my four year olds. They know how to canter and I still deem them not FEI ready. But then, what do I know? I'm just wasting time on all of those silly circles trying to build toplines.

Honestly this clinic would cost as much as a show. On the other hand, I need some instruction and possibly time with other people to whom this dressage thing isn't just ripping around the arena in endless circles asking for the same thing over and over.

So what's it to be? An expensive, educational weekend or hoard my money like Scrooge McDuck?
Who am I kidding... Now I just need to find a minion who's willing to audit for a weekend and video my rides. Any takers?


  1. Clinic ftw. Also, I demand a cartoon rendering of Mr. CranknSpank.

  2. Clinic... it just gives you more tools to keep in your tool bag. And, if you audit other rides, you give yourself a boost by watching different tools used for different purposes...

  3. I don't know if I can fully capture Trainer Cranknspank's allure via doodle, but I'll have to try!