Monday, August 6, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day

For whatever reason, this weekend was just fantastic. Not only did I not have any repeats of the bucking Ponita fiasco, the weather was perfect and I got all kinds of jobs done.
On Saturday, there was a chance of rain/storms and it was appropriately grey and threatening all day.
Wait, you just said that the weather was perfect. Which is it, perfect or threatening?
It was perfectly threatening. The clouds made 80 degrees feel cool and the clouds were impressive and a nice break from the sun. Also, I was ready for a little rain. Of course, since I had mentally prepared myself for the rain, it didn't happen. So I got sawdust to rebed the stalls, stripped three of the four stalls (Tilly's wasn't bad enough to merit a total rehaul yet), mowed the entire lawn, raked the trimmings (guess two weeks is really too long to go between trimmings), rebedded the stalls and unloaded the remainder of the sawdust.
Tarp in place, ready for that sawdust...

Which really made me think about my need for a 'shavings bay' again. Add it to the to do list...

Of course, then because it didn't actually rain, I took Delight and London out for a ride. Riding London now can be difficult for me... I tend to want him to ride like the fit 12 year old that he used to be instead of the happy 20 year old that he is now. So I ask for a few movements without really pushing him then go on a trail ride and we're both happy campers. It's the first time I've done any tempis, let alone two's, in quite a while. I was grinning from ear to ear.

Delight was an ok little pony on Saturday. Of course, since Saturday was a property maintenance day, I didn't ride until the evening. Cue the deer. Delight is not ok with deer wandering through her arena/field. Not ok at all... Which made for an interesting ride for me, but we got some decent work and called it a day.
What you don't know is that this photo captured the gallop-walk transition that happened as soon as the horses saw me. Side note: Too close, RC. Too close.

Tilly, trying to lead the herd on another gallop around the field. 

Sunday was beautiful. The front came through amid a rumble of late night storms and the temperature dropped from the 80's to the low 60's with decent winds all day. I nearly needed a jacket, but refused to wimp out in August. Because it was such a pretty morning I took Delight out first thing (she really wasn't a fan) for a early morning work out.
And Delight nailed it.
We worked through second level test three, and probably could have scored in the high 50's, low 60's - which, I realize, isn't a great score, but not bad for a training level pony. This was the first ride where I sat the trot for half the ride and she didn't try to take her back away from me. Success!!!
I rode Tilly in the afternoon, because I had lunch plans, lessons and stalls to clean first. I was a little worried about the Tillner because she was pretty off on Friday when I worked her (due to a big kick on her shoulder... probably from that jerk, RC), but she was right as rain on Sunday. I don't think that I could have been in a better mood than I was yesterday.
Look at that little pony neck!

Of course, now it's monday and the final countdown to show time this weekend....

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