Friday, August 31, 2012

That Arena Project

So, us dressage people seem to be a tad anal about our arenas. I mean every dressage arena ever has to be the exact same size with letters not-so-randomly strewn about (seriously, who chose the order for the dressage letters?) and evenly spaced so that an arena is an arena is an arena no matter where it is. 

So this summer, I've installed (actually hired out the job) to making a nice big flat riding area for my ponitas. Because, as it would turn out, its quite difficult to really school accurately when just out in a big field. 
The dirt work starts

Woohoo, flat and level!

Finished with the dirt work

Adding markers for letters
Obviously i still need to put up the little white chain that won't actually contain a horse in the arena and letters, but isn't it a huge improvement?

And I really had nothing interesting to post anyway ....

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