Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When Your day Starts With...

Yeah, literal shit, not just "I hate Mondays" type shit. 
Alison, you live on a farm. With horses. You are quite familiar with 'literal shit', as a matter of fact you spend your mornings literally moving 'literal shit'. 
Quite right, italics voice, however, this day started off a little differently. I poured myself out of bed on this fine Monday morning (insert appropriate 'I hate Mondays' look here), pulled on my wonderful bright yellow muck boots (first good choice of the day) and headed out to the barn to feed, turn out then clean only to step in THIS as soon as I entered the barn:
This is not the actual pile I stepped in.
This is a borrowed image representing the actors portrayal
of the incident because my camera was out of battery
 All over my aisle mats... cow manure!
One of your horses could have gotten out and left that mess, you know. 
No. No they could not have. For one, all four horses were happily chowing down in their respective stalls, for the other all horse people are some what obsessed with the bodily functions of their horses...
Are they pooping enough? Too much? Has the consistency changed? Do they need to be wormed? Are they dehydrated? Sick? Is there and impaction? Oh god, it's colic!

Moral of this story is that horse people know their poo.

This, for instance, is horse poo.
What was in my barn aisle was NOT horse poo. It was cow poo. Which means that at some point last night, a cow moseyed into my yard, infiltrated my barn, was herded out and headed home all without waking me or my useless useless dogs.

Now, what kind of person comes to their neighbors farm in the middle of the night to collect their wayward livestock and doesn't come back to clean up the mess left by said livestock? Sigh.

Fortuneatly I had stellar rides on RC, Delight, and Tilly that afternoon, so my day wasn't bad at all.
Though I could have used a nap...

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